Unlike many civilians, Veterans have had occupational experiences which requires distinctive cultural consideration as well as finely tuned clinical knowledge and awareness - thus they are a vulnerable population in commercial health.

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Earn CME/CE Contact Hour Credits Individually

NOTE: Taking modules individually does not award you the WCH® Veteran Population Health Practitioner Certificate and Badge

Military and Veteran Culture in the Clinical Setting
1 CME/CE Contact Hour Credit
Contrast explicit and implicit characteristics of military and veteran culture in order to better state relevancy of cultural competency communication training for patient-provider interactions

Cultural Competency in Military and Veteran Communities
1 CME/CE Contact Hour Credit
  • Determine the relevancy of cultural communications training
  • Demonstrate comprehension of cultural competency during interactive case studies
  • Identify personal cultural biases and belief

Patient-Provider Communication in the Military and
Veteran Communities
1 CME/CE Contact Hour Credit
  • Execute communication strategies that enhance targeted outcomes
  • Build cultural communication strategies into clinical practices

Neurobiology of PTSD and TBI
1 CME/CE Contact Hour Credit
  • Review the characteristics of PTSD and TBI
  • List areas of neuropsychological assessment
  • Discuss pharmaceutical and therapeutic interventions