the Warrior Centric Health (WCH)® training program opened many eyes and gave many opportunities to reflect on how they personally can assist veterans. Certificate Issued Upon Criteria Completion

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WCH® has the only accredited veteran-focused CME/CE program.

Warrior Centric - Certificate Course

Earn a WCH® Veteran Population Health Practitioner CERTIFICATE AND BADGE
Earn five contact hour credits and the WCH Practitioner Certificate and Badge when you complete the four WCHT eLearning modules and, three months after passing the assessment, the case study module.
  1. Military and Veteran Culture in the Clinical Setting
  2. Cultural Competency in Military and Veteran Communities
  3. Patient and Provider Communication in the Military and Veteran Community
  4. Clinical Workshop: Neurobiology of PTSD and TBI
  5. Case Studies (3 months after passing the assessment)

Warrior Centric - Badge Detail

Warrior Centric Health, LLC
WCH® Veteran Population Health Practitioner Five accredited CME/CE eLearning modules address the specific health needs of the military community by equipping healthcare providers with the knowledge to ask the right questions to accurately assess, diagnose, and treat service members, veterans, and their families.
Certificate and badge are earned by participating in two (2) case studies three (3) months after taking the four eLearning modules and passing the assessment.
Healthcare professionals requiring CME/CE credits as well as interested in obtaining:
  • Foundational Veteran Population Health training for healthcare facilities and clinical practice
  • Advanced clinical expertise and skills in Veteran health
WCH® eLearning modules are accredited with the following medical learning organizations and Professional Associations:
  • American Medical Association (AMA)
  • American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP)
  • American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)
  • American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA)
  • Accreditation Council for Pharmacy (ACPE)
  • Advancing Knowledge in Healthcare (AKH, Inc)
Warrior-Centric Health (WCH)® enables healthcare and supportive services professionals to understand how to interact with and take care of our service members, veterans, and their families.
Contrast explicit and implicit characteristics of military and veteran culture in order to better state relevancy of cultural competency communication training for patient-provider interactions.  
  • Determine the relevancy of cultural communications training.
  • Demonstrate comprehension of cultural competency during interactive case studies.
  • Identify personal cultural biases and beliefs.
  • Execute communication strategies that enhance targeted outcomes.
  • Build cultural communication strategies into clinical practice.
  • Review the characteristics of PTSD and TBI.
  • List areas of neuropsychological assessment.
  • Discuss pharmaceutical and therapeutic interventions.
  • Learner must pass the competency assessment at the end of completing all four accredited CME/CE eLearning modules.
  • Certificate and badge are only earned by participating in two (2) case studies three (3) months after taking and passing the assessment for each of the four accredited CME/CE eLearning modules.