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WCH® has the only accredited veteran-focused CME/CE program.

About Warrior-Centric Healthcare Training (WCHT)®

Warrior-Centric Healthcare Training (WCHT)® is designed to equip commercial and non-profit medical personnel and staff with the skills necessary for the standard and consistent application of culturally competent methodologies when treating military service members, veterans and their families.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and other mental and behavioral conditions are being treated in various ways throughout the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), Veterans Administration (VA), and civilian healthcare systems. This program teaches healthcare professionals how to master these unique clinical situations by exploring the differences in military service, military culture, rank, veterans, gender issues, age, values and beliefs, socioeconomics, race, ethnicity and religion.
This program was developed to help physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and nurses. However, other healthcare professionals such as social workers, psychologists, chaplains, behavioral health professionals, and executive healthcare leaders may benefit from the content of this program and will be provided with a certificate of completion.
70% of veterans and their families use commercial and non-profit healthcare services. The majority of veterans don't use the Department of Veterans Affairs for medical treatment. Instead, they visit civilian medical practices that are unaware of - and don't inquire about - their military background.
Service members, especially those who have deployed overseas, suffer different injuries and illnesses than the general population, including PTSD and Chronic Multi-symptom Illness (CMI). With awareness and clinical insight, medical professionals will know the Veteran and be able to prescribe the right treatment. As WCH says, "You must know me to treat me."®
Warrior Centric Health, LLC (WCH) is committed to ensuring access to quality health services through awareness, capability building, and visibility programing. We focus on vulnerable Veteran populations in the commercial and non-profit healthcare sector.
WCH accomplishes our mission by creating services for and working as an extension to hospitals, healthcare networks and systems, clinics, community care centers, and medical practices. We provide quality education, data, and market relationship services to support commercial and non-profit healthcare in their missions.
WCH accomplishes our goals by utilizing a proprietary process and business platform. It effectively facilitates and efficiently integrates SMEs and staff to create quality training, data analysis and management, topical research, and market communications. The result is improved long-term health outcomes for vulnerable populations such as Veterans.